Tax Department FAQs

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  • What will happen if I don't pay the Motor Vehicle registration and tax by the due date?

  • How do I pay Taxes? (Refer to "What about my Motor Vehicle Taxes?" for Motor Vehicles)

  • Who is Required to list property?

  • What is Tangible Personal Property?

  • When should Property be Listed?

  • How can Listing Forms be obtained?

  • Are Businesses required to list?

  • How do I request a Listing Extension?

  • What is Real Estate?

  • Should Real Estate be Listed Annually?

  • How is Real Estate Valued?

  • How do I appeal my Real Estate Value?

  • What Evidence do I need to present for Appeal?

  • Are Tax Records Private or Public Information?

  • Where is the Tax Office located?

  • When should Vehicles be Listed?

  • What if I am in the Military?

  • What if I receive a motor vehicle bill and I have moved to another state?

  • What if I transferred my license plate to another vehicle?

  • What if I no longer own the vehicle, but have received an NC COMBINED VEHICLE REGISTRATION RENEWAL AND PROPERTY TAX NOTICE?

  • Whom do I contact regarding my vehicle title or license plates?

  • What about my Motor Vehicle Taxes?

  • What are the Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Deadlines?

  • How Much Will I Pay in Taxes?

  • What Property is Taxed?

  • What Do Property Taxes Pay For?