Vehicle Taxes Access (NCDMV)

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MyDMV Portal Link & Instructions

MYDMV portal allows you to access your own individual tax information...

If you have misplaced the paid vehicle tax information receipt part to the left of the sticker when you received your Registration Card, below is the link to access the MyDMV Portal for your paid vehicle taxes.

Taxpayers will need their NC Driver’s License or NC Identification Card Number. Along with the Last 4 Digits of their Social Security Number, I-94 (Arrival/Departure US Customs Form) or Alien Registration Number, plus their birthdate.

Once logged in, the Taxpayer will see “Correspondence” on the right middle third of the window. Under “Correspondence” the Taxpayer will be able to select the year for Vehicle Property Tax Fee paid or as pictured VEH PROP TAX FEE. Select the year desired and all vehicles paid for in that year will pop up with the total taxes paid for each vehicle in that calendar year.

Businesses will not be able to access tax information through the MyDMV Portal and will need to refer to the information on the Registration Cards or contact our Listing Division at (252) 399-2911.