Career Plus

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Program Overview

We offer assistance with job placement, long term employment, and financial education and coaching. We also provide support services to working families that want to improve family relationships and provide their children with a healthy, nurturing environment.

These services include daycare, transportation assistance, financial assistance, parenting support, child safety instruction.

Other Services We Offer

CASH'N (Changing Attitudes with Smart Habits - Now!)
This financial education program offers real tools for real people and helps with identifying needs, understanding learned behaviors, and getting organized! For more information, please call 252-206-4118.

Faith Connections

We connect the resources of our faith partners and faith-based community systems for families served through the Wilson County Department of Social Services. These resources help connect people to services in our community. For more information, please call 252-206-4000.

Financial Social Work

We promote financial responsibility to low- to moderate-income working families through financial coaching and counseling, addressing behaviors about budgeting money, and offering services to empower people to take control of their money to gain control of their lives. For more information, please call 252-206-4118.

VITA Services

We can do your taxes FOR FREE! We utilize IRS trained volunteers to prepare your taxes at no cost to you. VITA provides free income tax preparation for low- to moderate-income families (incomes of $54,000 and under). For more information, please call 252-206-4000.