Adult Protective Services

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Program Overview

Disabled adults are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The Wilson County Department of Social Services receives and evaluates reports to determine whether disabled adults are in need of protective services and what services are needed.

Services may include:

  • Planning and counseling with disabled individuals and families
  • Arranging substance abuse services
  • Arranging appropriate housing and long-term care options
  • Coordinating the delivery of appropriate delivery of services when a resident’s rights have been violated in an adult care home or nursing home
  • Providing assistance to family caregivers to prevent further incidents of abuse, neglect, or exploitation
  • Arranging for the provision of legal services regarding fraud and consumer scams
  • Counseling regarding health related matters
  • Arranging for resources

The Adult Protective Services Social Worker also assists with placement, guardianship, advance directives, and involuntary commitment when needed as part of the adult’s protection plan.

Find out how to make a report to Adult Protective Services.