Board Members

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DSS Board Members

  • Dr. Barbara Conklin, Chair
  • Mary Katherine Rowe, Vice Chair
  • Joanne Daniels
  • Nora Finch 
  • Joe Shakour

Meeting Times & Locations

DSS Board Meetings are the third Thursday  of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the DSS Board Room at the DSS office, 100 Gold St., NE, Wilson, NC

NOTE: The date, time and location are subject to change. Please call 252-206-4101 for more information.

Rules for persons addressing the Board of Social Services

  1. Any person wishing to address the DSS Board may request to be placed on the DSS Board Meeting Agenda 10 days prior to the next Board meeting date. Requests should be made in writing to the DSS Board Chairperson and should state the topic to be addressed. The Board Chair will notify the person making the request if the request is denied due to requirements of confidentiality relating to the topic.

  2. The Board Chair reserves the right to not recognize any person a) if the agenda item is considered confidential (case information), b) has failed in prior appearances to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, c) has made comments which were insulting or disrespectful of the Board or staff, or d) other reasons satisfactory to the Board Chair.

Persons who are recognized may only discuss one topic.

  1. Must limit statements to five minutes unless the Chair grants a time extension, and c)limit discussion of a single topic to fifteen minutes regardless of the number of individuals who wish to speak (groups are encouraged to select a spokesman).

  2. Each speaker must give his/her name and address at the beginning of his/her address.

  3. A speaker may address any issue that is appropriate for consideration by the Wilson County Department of Social Services Board but must conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with the proceedings and appropriate for the occasion.

  4. A speaker may direct questions to the Board.  No member of the Board or staff will respond directly to or comment on any questions offered.  All questions will be recorded and a response prepared either by the Chair on behalf of the Board or by staff as directed by the Chair.  Responses will be mailed to the speaker, all members of the Board and any member of the media present at the time the question is posed as soon as reasonably possible.

  5. The Chair may modify these rules and may adjourn or recess this portion of the meeting at any time.