Other Fees

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Fee Type Fee Amount
Cancellations and Satisfactions No Fee
UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) 1-2 pages: $38
3-10 pages: $45
Each additional page over 10: $2
Map (Plat) Recording $21 per page
Condominium Map Recording $21 per page
Right of Way Plans - Highway Maps $21 for first page
$5 each additional page
Map Photocopy $1 per page
Certified Copies $5 for first page
$2 each additional page
Notary Oath $10
Notary Authentication $5
Military Discharge (DD-214) Recording (with restrictions) No Fee
Military Discharge Certified Copy (with restrictions) No Fee
Excise Tax on Deeds August 1, 1991 to present: $2 per thousand
1969 to July 1991: $1 per thousand
Prior to 1968: $1.10 per thousand