Tattoo/Swimming Pools

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All tattoo parlors and public swimming pools in Wilson County are regulated through an inspection and permitting process. The purpose of this process is to ensure that all sanitation requirements are being met in accordance with the North Carolina Rules Governing Tattooing and Swimming Pools (see below).

Tattoo/ Swimming Permits

Tattoo permits are issued to an artist at a specific place of operation and are not transferable to other artists or locations. If the artist moves to a new establishment, then the prior permit is invalid and the artist must obtain a permit at the new place of practice. The permit cannot be issued before an inspection has been conducted. Each tattoo permit is valid for one year after which a new permit must be issued to continue operation. The permit must be posted and visible to the public.

No public swimming pool shall commence or continue operation unless the owner or operator has an operation permit issued by Wilson County Environmental Health for each public swimming pool. An application for an operation permit must be submitted for each public swimming pool. The owner or operator shall apply annually to Wilson County Environmental Health for an operator's permit. The application form shall be obtained from our office or under the “Applications” section.


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