When You Call 911

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Know your address.

If you’re calling from a cell phone, Wilson County Emergency Communications may not be able to pinpoint your exact location. (Due to terrain, cellular service, buildings, etc.)


Remain calm.

This can be a challenge in an emergency situation, but staying calm helps you answer questions quickly and rationally, which in turn gets you help faster.


Be patient.

The telecommunicator asks a series of questions that are designed to get you help quickly and  send you the needed resources. This process can take several minutes, but depending on the type of call, help has already been dispatched while  additional information is being gathered. Remember to stay on the phone and answer as many questions as possible. 


Medical Calls

All Wilson County telecommunicators have received specialized training and national certifications to handle medical calls for assistance. You will be asked detailed questions about the patient, injury and condition. Typical questions include: 

  • What’s the address of the emergency?
  • What’s the phone number you are calling from?
  • Okay, tell me exactly what happened.
  • Are you with the patient now?
  • How many people are hurt/sick?
  • How old is he or she?
  • Is he or she awake?
  • Is he or she breathing?


Fire Calls

Telecommunicators also have specialized training and national certification to process emergency fire calls.  Typical questions include: 

  • What’s the address of the emergency?
  • What’s the phone number you are calling from?
  • What’s your name?
  • Okay, tell me exactly what happened.
  • Are you at that location now?


Law Enforcement Calls

Wilson County 911 telecommunicators assist multiple law enforcement agencies.  Also depending on the type of call for service that is being requested can cause questions to vary greatly. Typical questions include:

  • What is the exact address of the emergency?
  • What is the phone you are calling from?
  • Tell me exactly what happened?
  • When did this occur? Is it happening now?
  • Who is involved? Name and Description of people involved.
  • Description of vehicle(s) involved.
  • Does anyone have any weapons?
  • Are alcohol and/or drugs involved?


 ***All addresses and phone numbers may be verified by the telecommunicator asking the caller to repeat their address and/or phone number. This is to help ensure accuracy and that help is being sent to the right location. Phone numbers are also verified to help ensure 911 telecommunicators can call the caller back in the event the line is disconnected.***