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1Our Dispatch System

The Center's computer aided dispatch system (CAD) has been operational since September 27, 1993 and allows for effective dispatching of emergency calls to public safety agencies. The CAD system meets local, state, and federal guidelines as it relates to law enforcement and fire service requirements.

It also allows for automatic tracking of incoming emergency calls as well as appropriate recommendation of responses based on call classifications and the flexibility of individual response areas for fire, police, and EMS services. Through the CAD system, the Center has the means of transmitting important response data on file as to the ongoing event by fax and alpha-numerical paging.

Our Telephone System

The first phase of the enhanced telephone system that became operational was the ANI (Automatic Number Identifier) in October, 1991. The second phase which is the ALI (Automatic Location Identifier) and selective routing which routes callers in adjacent counties to the correct PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) based on location, became operational in February 1992.

Wireless, E911, and Phase I were made accessible in Wilson County in 2001. This gives the 911 center the telephone number of a mobile caller. Phase II is available with new phones and transmits the location within a certain radius of a callers location.

Equipment Details

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