Government Services

  1. Board of Commissioners

    Board of Commissioners

  2. Board of Elections

    Explore information on the Board of Elections.

  3. County Manager

    Contact the County Manager and view County Manager resources.

  4. Cooperative Extension

    Cooperative Extension

  5. Development Services

  6. Emergency Communications

    View information about Wilson County 9-1-1.

  7. Emergency Management

    Read rules about safety, the emergency operations plan, family safety, and more.

  8. Emergency Medical Services

    View information about operations, service opportunities, volunteers, and more.

  9. Financial Services

    Learn more about the Finance Department.

  10. Health Department

    Explore the county's Health Department.

  11. Human Resources

  12. Library

  13. Maintenance

  14. Mental Health Services

    Mental Health Services are offered through Eastpointe

  15. Office of the Sheriff

    Find resources and information on community safety.

  16. Online Services

    View the Online Services for Wilson County.

  17. Register of Deeds

  18. Senior Center

  19. Social Services

  20. Soil & Water

  21. Solid Waste Services

  22. Tax Department

  23. Technology Services

  24. Transportation

  25. Veterans Resource Guide

    Resource lists and contacts for our Veterans.

  26. Water Services

    Find information on fees, maps, classification of services, and more.