Food Protection Program

The goal of the Food Protection Program is to ensure food safety in regulated establishments including restaurants, food stands, meat markets, school cafeterias, mobile food units, pushcarts, elderly nutrition sites, temporary food establishments, and limited food service establishments.

Risk Factors
During food establishment inspections and educational visits, there is emphasis placed on what causes a food-borne illness by looking at high risk factors. These risk factors are:
  • Poor personal hygiene / employee health
  • Food from unsafe sources
  • Contaminated equipment / cross contamination
  • Inadequate cooking temperatures
  • Improper hot and cold holding temperatures, improper reheating, and improper cooling
Illegal Food Sales
Illegal food sales include any food that is prepared and served to the public without having a permit issued from Wilson county Environmental Health.  Some examples include, food sold from a person's home and food sold on the street by a for-profit vendor.  Establishments that prepare and serve food to the public must obtain a 15A NCAC .2600 permit before opening.  If you have questions or know of an illegal food vendor please contact Amanda Smith at 252-291-0468 ext 6663.