Federal Programs

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Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

The Wilson District participates in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).The program helps landowners and farmers to pay for installing conservation practices such as: nutrient management, pest management, long term no till, wildlife field borders, fencing, pipelines, watering facilities, and lagoon closures.

For more information please call the office or visit the Natural Resources Conservation Service website.

Conservation Reserve Programs

CRPs are a long-term program where marginal land is converted to a permanent cover and is taken out of production. Programs include CRP, CREP, SAFE, CP36, and others.

  • CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program) - This program is designed to assist farmers in complying with the regulations of nutrient reduction in our rivers and streams. Cost sharing and long term contracts are available for installing riparian buffers, filter strips and other practices to reduce sediment, nutrient and other non-point source impacts to nearby water systems.
  • CP33 (Conservation Program) - This is a program to assist with habitat buffers for upland birds in which strips of volunteer vegetation are allowed to grow around field edges. This provides valuable nesting and brood cover for bobwhite quail and other wildlife, protects water quality and supports integrated pest management.
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