Mobile Home Inspection Procedure

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Specific Items for Inspection

  • If the home is to be set on poured footings, the footings must be inspected after all excavation is completed and all grade stakes are in place but before any concrete is poured. A foundation plan must be on site before the footing will be approved.
  • A marriage wall inspection must be approved on all multi-section homes before any siding is installed on any exterior end wall, or covering is installed on the interior. A Setup manual must be available on-site to check for connection details that are specific to the home.
  • ALL homes require a test of the on-site installed plumbing piping (water and sewer). The DWV (sewer) pipe must be tested with a minimum 3 feet head of water above the highest on-site installed fitting. An air test of 5 pounds per square inch for 15 minutes is also acceptable. Water piping requires a water pressure test of at least 100 pounds per square inch, or for piping other than plastic, an air test of 100 pounds per square inch is acceptable.
  • Before any type of skirting or perimeter foundation walls are installed, an inspection must be approved for the underside of the home. This inspection is to check for:
    • Proper installation of piers and anchor straps
    • Grading of ground surface under home to ensure surface water will not collect under home
    • Cutting of all vegetation to a maximum of 2 feet above grade.
    • Correct installation of all electrical conduits or wiring under home
    • Correct installation of any heating and/or air conditioning ducts
  • If the home is an AC (alternate construction) home, a third party approval will be required. All proper documentation stating such will also be required.

Final Inspection

After all of the above items have been completed and approved, a final inspection must be approved before the home can be occupied.