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What should I do on Election Voting Day?

Upon entering the voting place, the voter must give his/her name and address to the election officials. If the voter is properly registered, the precinct officials will give the voter an authorization to vote and the voter will be directed to a voting machine to cast the ballot.

If the voter has moved out of the precinct more than 30 days before the election and failed to notify the Board of Elections, the precinct officials will complete the proper forms and send the voter to the proper voting place or to the Board of Elections office. It is a violation of law to vote in the wrong precinct.

What is Curbside Voting?

In any primary or election, a qualified voter who is able to travel to the voting site may vote in the vehicle conveying the voter to the site or in the immediate proximity of the voting site because of:

  • Age
  • A physical disability
  • Physical barriers encountered at the voting site or enclosure which preclude the voter from entering without physical assistance in order to vote in person