Water Department

Classification of Service
All services provided by the Water Department are classified under three categories:
•Single family dwelling residential; owner-operated
•Single family dwelling residential; non owner-operated (e.g., mobile home parks, apartment, rentals)
•Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural

All 3/4" size connections will be classified as single family dwelling residential. The exception to this will be in cases of single-family residential dwellings requiring a larger diameter tap-on to increase pressure and velocity of the water supply. All 3/4" and larger service connections that supply commercial, industrial, or agricultural applications will be classified as Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural.

Each user shall have an individual meter and service connection.

Payments can be received in the office by Cash, Check, Money Orders, Debit & Credit Cards.

Payments by mail should be Check or Money Order. Never send Cash in the mail.

Payments by Check, Debit & Credit card can be made over the telephone for a fee of $3.25 by calling 1-888-877-3564.

You must have your 9 digit account number 1234567.89 without the dot ready for payment.