Teen Clinic

Teen Clinic Information
Teen Clinic is a safe, friendly, confidential place for teens to get the help they need and learn the facts.  Teen clinics provide:
  • free condoms
  • birth control methods
  • STD and HIV tests
  • pregnancy tests
  • information about sexual health
All services at Public Health Teen Clinics are free or low cost.

Guys and girls up to their 21st birthday are welcome at Teen Clinics.

Clinic Schedule
2nd Thursday of every month from 3 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Services are provided at no cost if you do not have insurance.  If you have insurance coverage, services will be billed to your insurance company and you will have no out of pocket costs.

In North Carolina, all health care services offered at family planning clinics are confidential.  This means that you don't need written permission from your parent or guardian to get services like birth control, annual exams, STD tests, and pregnancy tests.  It also means we will not tell anyone about your visit unless you ask us to.

We always encourage teens to talk with a parent or trusted adult about their care with us.  However, it is ultimately the teen's decision who to involve.