Fee Schedule

For information on any of the following fees, please contact:
Wilson County Health Department
ATTN: Environmental Health
1801 Glendale Drive SW
Wilson, NC 27893-4401
Phone: (252) 291-0468, ext. 6659

Environmental Health Fee Schedule
Item Fee
Lot Evaluation $300
Improvement Permit Revision $100
Successive Improvement Permit $100
Reuse Authorization of Existing Septic System $100
Well Permits $200
Fluoride Bottle $2
Tattoo Establishment Permit $100
Temporary Food Establishment Permit $75
Plan Review for Food Service Facilities  $200
Water Samples
    Bacteriological $45
    Inorganic Chemical $35
    Lead Water Analysis $35
    Nitrate Analysis $35
    Pesticide Analysis $35
    Petroleum Analysis $35
Swimming Pool Program
Swimming Pool Operations Permit $150
Operations Permit for Each Additional Pool on Immediate Premises $50
Swimming Pool Plan Review  $150
Swimming Pool Return Visit Fee for Permitting of the Swimming Pool  $50