No Charge Items

Used Motor Oil and Oil Filter Collection
Residents of the county are invited to bring used motor oil to the convenience center on Landfill Road.

We have a 500 gallon tank that is serviced by Noble Oil Company. If you have over 100 gallons of oil, please call 252-291-7335.

Please take care to prevent contamination of the oil with water. Store used oil in sealed containers.

Used Antifreeze Collection
Residents of the county can bring used antifreeze to the Landfill.

We have a 350 gallon tank that is serviced by Noble Oil Company.

Residents may bring up to five tires (off the rim) to the landfill a month without filling out a scrap tire certificate. Residents of the District may also take up to 5 tires a month (off the rim) to any of the convenience centers in the county.

There is a charge of $62/ton for tires not included in the scrap tire program & for loads over the 5 per month limit.

Appliances Appliances (White Goods) may be brought to the landfill and convenience centers during normal operating hours.

Pesticide Containers

The County collects triple-rinsed and/or pressure rinsed pesticide containers during normal operating hours at the following locations:


  • Landfill Road Convenience Center
  • Elm City Convenience Center
  • Rock Ridge Convenience Center
  • Lucama Convenience Center
Please call the office at 252-399-2823 or view the convenience center locations map for directions to these sites.

The containers are consolidated at the landfill where they are ground so they can be recycled into new chemical containers.